Alberto Fernández-Soto 
Observational Cosmology 
"Ramón y Cajal" Fellow;
BSc, Cantabria (Spain), 1992 
PhD, Cantabria (Spain), 1996 

Alberto Fernández-Soto's research is centered on Observational Cosmology. He did his thesis work under the supervision of Xavier Barcons on Lyman-alpha absorbers on QSO spectra. The main results from his thesis work on this subject were the study of the so-called Proximity Effect (a relative lack of absorbers in the vicinity of QSOs, supposedly produced by the ionizing flux of the QSO itself) and the first clear detection of strong clustering in high-redshift Lyman-alpha absorbers.

He has continued working on this subject, mainly along the lines of galaxy-absorber identification and study of large-scale structure using QSO absorbers. He has established collaborations with Ken Lanzetta, John Webb, Hsiao-Wen Chen, Jochen Liske, and Amelia Ortiz-Gil, amongst others.

Another path to the study of the high-redshift Universe is through the analysis of very deep images. Alberto has applied photometric redshift techniques to the Hubble Deep Field images, and obtained catalogues of photometry and redshifts that have been widely used for the analysis of the distant Universe. Collaborators in this field include Ken Lanzetta, Hsiao-Wen Chen, Simon Driver, Sam Pascarelle, and Noriaki Yahata.

Presently Alberto works at the OAUV on applications of photometric redshift techniques to deep imaging surveys. He also plans collaborates with the group working on large-scale structure and high-redshift clusters at the Osservatorio di Brera-Merate.

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Marie Curie Fellowships Programa Ramón y CajalPrograma Ramón y Cajal
Alberto Fernández-Soto

Selected Publications

A. Fernández-Soto, K.M. Lanzetta, X. Barcons, R.F. Carswell, J.K. Webb, and A. Yahil, "Strong clustering of high-redshift Lyman-alpha absorbing systems"
Astrophysical Journal, 460, L85-L88 (1996)

K.M. Lanzetta, A. Yahil, and A. Fernández-Soto, "Star-forming galaxies at very high redshifts"
Nature, 381, 759-763 (1996)
Press release from STScI covering this result

A. Fernández-Soto, K.M. Lanzetta, and A. Yahil, "A new catalog of photometric redshifts in the Hubble Deep Field"
Astrophysical Journal, 513, 34 (1999)

A. Fernández-Soto, K.M. Lanzetta, H.-W. Chen, S.M. Pascarelle, and N. Yahata, "On the compared accuracy and reliability of spectroscopic and photometric redshift measurements"
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 135, 1(2001)

K.M. Lanzetta, N. Yahata, S.M. Pascarelle, H.-W. Chen, and A. Fernández-Soto, "The Star Formation Rate Intensity Distribution Function-Implications for the Cosmic Star Formation Rate History of the Universe"
Astrophysical Journal, 570, 492 (2002)
Press release from STScI covering this result
Popular science article in El País regarding this result (in Spanish). Also as a PDF file.



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